A downloadable dream not realized for Windows

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You wake up in an icy cave. You explore a little and see a girl eating honey like a savage. Then you're chased by a bear. The only shelter is a Praktik(er) shop. You enter. You're supposed to be dead but what if...


Turned out translating your dream to a game can yield some unexpected results. Like it felt better when it was a dream. 
Enjoy for what it is.

 Although I haven't achieved what I initialy planned for it, I'm glad I participated in this jam, especially disovering the magnificent LSD: Dream Emulator. Proceeding to play your games now :)

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Lodowy Tatuaż (Ice Tattoo).zip 62 MB


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Quite enjoyed this game, it had the kind of randomness that can only come from a dream :D Here's my playthrough - 

Wow, crazy that you actually found this game. Glad you enjoyed it! Although I consider it a failure in terms of translating the actual dream into a game, after watching your video I couldn't shake off the feeling that you actually got some parts right. So maybe it wasn't a complete failure after all. And yes it's hella buggy, partly due to how quick it was made and partly due to my inability to write efficient code. Once again thank you for playing, seeing this video really gives me some more motivation to keep going after I halted any production 😊
also I liked the video and subsrcibed to your channel as a little thank you :)

No problem, I think this game is a great start point to continue getting better at game dev and that dispite it being a little buggy, I liked the concept you were going for. So good luck and I'm sure you'll only get better from here :D


I like it! 

Glad you liked it. Thanks for playing!

Does the game end? I was stuck in the bears' part with the big stone.

it ends after the platformer part, in like a bears limbo room

Thanks! I'll post the gameplay on the channel and here. I was in doubt whether it was stuck or not.