A downloadable dream not realized for Windows

You wake up in an icy cave. You explore a little and see a girl eating honey like a savage. Then you're chased by a bear. The only shelter is a Praktik(er) shop. You enter. You're supposed to be dead but what if...


Turned out translating your dream to a game can yield some unexpected results. Like it felt better when it was a dream. 
Enjoy for what it is.

 Although I haven't achieved what I initialy planned for it, I'm glad I participated in this jam, especially disovering the magnificent LSD: Dream Emulator. Proceeding to play your games now :)

Published 15 days ago


Lodowy Tatuaż (Ice Tattoo).zip 62 MB


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I like it! 

Glad you liked it. Thanks for playing!

Does the game end? I was stuck in the bears' part with the big stone.

it ends after the platformer part, in like a bears limbo room

Thanks! I'll post the gameplay on the channel and here. I was in doubt whether it was stuck or not.